Cooler Master Orb X Workstation Registrations Open

Cooler Master has officially opened the registration for the Cooler Master Orb X, which is a full-size workstation that features multiple monitors and a reclining chair.

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Wed Dec 7, 2022 - 00:00

Cooler Master Orb X Registrations Open

Waitlist Announced for Multipurpose Workstation

People can now sign up for the waitlist for Cooler Master Orb X multi-purpose station online. Pre-orders for the Cooler Master chair that was first teased in 2021 are still several stages away, as is even a release date. However, it demonstrates that Cooler Master is still committed to launching its futuristic-looking workstation pod soon, which will have RGB LEDs, wireless charging, multiple displays, and USB connections apt for an immersive experience.



The workstation involves similar technology that is common in modern offices. There is support for a 34-inch monitor or three 27-inch monitors that hang in front of your face, as well as a place to attach a laptop or console. And inside that pod is a chair which is made of leather, can be reclined, has a headrest that can be adjusted, and a leg rest.


Additionally, there is a USB hub that has two USB-C connectors and four USB-A ports, one of which can give 60W of power. A fabric mousepad material is placed on top of the designated space for a keyboard and mouse, together with a wireless charging area.

The battle station’s audio system boasts a surround-sound experience thanks to two 2-inch tweeters, a 5-inch woofer, and two 2-inch speakers. All of this is cleverly hidden within the pod design to ensure that you get a surround sound experience without having to adjust it manually.

Price & Availability

The price of the three-monitor gaming ePod is $3,575, whereas the circular Emperor XT model of this workstation pod that supports three monitors is $5,645. It is expected to go for shipping soon.