Xiaomi MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition Launched

Xiaomi has just launched the second-generation smart humidifier, called the Xiaomi MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition, which is 50 percent more powerful.

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Sun Dec 4, 2022 - 00:00

Xiaomi MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition Launched

More Powerful & Advanced

Xiaomi stepped into the market in a big way with its smart humidifier lineup when it was launched last year. Now the company has unveiled a new edition of the MIJIA Smart Humidifier called MIJIA Smart Humidifier Pro Plus. It is said to be 50% more powerful than its predecessor.



The MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition has a silent sleeping mode and humidification sensors for automatic adjustment. With a noise level of 31.24 dB, the sleeping mode quietly humidifies the space at a rate of 300 ml/h. It can automatically modify its settings in response to humidity levels in the space, preventing water from collecting on the floor. It also has a real-time display of both humidity and water volume. The device does not produce mist while it is in use, making it anti-mist as well.


This new version comes with a remarkable 900ml/h humidification rate. A 5L water tank on the humidifier can be filled with tap water, which then passes through an integrated filtering system. It also sports a built-in OLED screen. It also has antibacterial silver ion technology, which helps the device to keep itself in top condition. It is compatible with the MIJIA app and works with XiaoAI voice commands.

Price & Availability

Currently, the Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Humidifier Pro Plus is available at a discounted price of $127. The original price of the device is $141, which might kick in very soon after the limited period of discounted price is over. It is available on Xiaomi Youpin and is expected to launch in the global markets early next year at retailers that sell Mijia home appliances.