Samsung Unveils Its Much-Awaited Award-Winning 2022 Neo QLED TV

Samsung Unveils Its Much-Awaited Award-Winning 2022 Neo QLED TV

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 6, 2022 – Samsung has introduced the new Neo QLED, including the latest advancements in picture quality, sound technology, and smart functions. The 2022 Neo QLED, with larger screen sizes, customizable add-ons, and an improved user interface, continues to move closer to reality with lifelike pictures, immersive sound, and hyper-personalized experiences.

Bringing the large screen experience to another level

2022 Neo QLED delivers some of the crispest and lifelike pictures and soundscapes imaginable thanks to the Neo Quantum Processor, which has improved picture quality and sound performance. In reality, the Neo Quantum Processor’s new addition of sophisticated contrast mapping with BLU (backlight unit) raises the brightness level from 12 to 14-bit gradation for greater light source control – the Quantum Mini LEDs. The TV’s lighting has now been expanded to 16,384 steps, up from 4,096 previously. The Neo Quantum Processor is used to analyze lines, forms, and surfaces in order to control the form of light emitted by the Quantum Mini LEDs, improving brightness and precision across the screen. The end result is stunning picture quality that puts full HDR content on display.

Expanding the user experience

The Neural Quantum Processor 8K is also the processor behind a new technological innovation — Real Depth Enhancer, a multi-intelligence picture quality algorithm. This technology creates a greater sense of realism by analyzing and processing an object on the screen against its surroundings to generate a sense of depth.

Experiencing your screen

Samsung’s Neo QLED displays come with EyeComfort mode, which adjusts the screen brightness and tone automatically based on a built-in light sensor that works basis sunset/sunrise information. The screen will progressively dim the amount of light as the ambient light changes, resulting in warmer tones and adjusting blue light levels as necessary. This allows for a more pleasant viewing experience at night by lowering the blue light that might influence one’s sleep quality.

Immersive sound with smart features

The sound capabilities of the new Neo QLED TVs have also improved considerably. OTS (Object Tracking Sound), which directs the sound to move across the room with the on-screen object, is being expanded upon in 2022 models, adding overhead surround sound via powerful up-firing speakers. Samsung’s new top channel speakers also provide an incredible Dolby Atmos experience, though the Neo QLED will continue to improve. With multi-channel speakers placed throughout the TV, Neo QLED provides a dynamic sound experience that follows the movements from all angles.

Designed to improve daily lives

With its wide range of hyper-personalized functions, the Neo QLED is intended to provide the finest experiences possible in all areas from gaming to working from home and even wellness. The NEO QLED blends wellness with work-from-home settings by allowing you to access your work documents straight from the Neo QLED and offering outstanding possibilities for your senses. Samsung’s next-generation gaming consoles need displays that not only improve performance and picture quality but also do so in an affordable way—and Samsung’s cutting-edge Neo QLEDs are designed to provide. The Samsung QLED 8K TV is equipped with a built-in Game Mode and supports the new and user-friendly Game Bar in Game Mode, allowing gamers to easily change the screen’s aspect ratio, check input lag, and connect wireless headsets while gameplay is aided by the Samsung AI processor.

The new Neo QLED may be purchased in Samsung boutiques, e-stores, and large retailers in the UAE.

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